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how clutter affects your brain and what you can do about it - but the reality is you probably made a mistake in buying those things and it literally hurts your brain to come to terms with that fact researchers at, your brain nervous system kids health - how do you remember the way to your friend s house why do your eyes blink without you ever thinking about it where do dreams come from your brain is in, learning a new skill works best to keep your brain sharp - brain training has become a multimillion dollar industry but if you want to improve your memory don t waste your time and money on brain games, brain scans can reveal your decisions 7 seconds before you - in a kind of spooky experiment scientists at the max planck institute for human cognitive and brain sciences reveal that our decisions are made seconds, here s why your brain needs you to read every single day - when it comes to your brain researchers have found there s no better superfood than a book, 5 ways to hack your brain into awesomeness cracked com - the first few days of adjusting are tough because your body isn t getting any of this rem sleep and your brain hates you for it after the third day or, bbc science nature sex id - get a brain sex profile and find out if you think like a man or a woman see if you can gaze into someone s eyes and know what they re thinking, how the brain works traumatic brain injury - clinical neuropsychologist dr glen johnson s traumatic brain injury survival guide was written to explain head injuries in clear easy to understand, this is your brain on music the science of a human - this is your brain on music the science of a human obsession daniel j levitin on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers in this, meditation changes your brain washington post - q what did you find lazar we found differences in brain volume after eight weeks in five different regions in the brains of the two groups in the group, 5 ways you don t realize movies are controlling your brain - you don t know do you but who cares right it s not like that impacts your life at all it s just historical trivia ok now consider this after jaws, hacking into your happy chemicals dopamine serotonin - 99 responses to hacking into your happy chemicals dopamine serotonin endorphins oxytocin, brain health improve memory reduce stress aarp - find the latest on enhancing brain health and get tips on memory improvement and stress management live smart and stay sharp at any age, how to increase dopamine naturally be brain fit - what you ll learn about increasing dopamine in this article what dopamine is and why it s so important the effect of dopamine on your brain and the, your amazing brain the science of love - the science of love when do you know if you fancy someone what does love do to your brain chemicals and is falling in love just nature s way to keep, your brain at work strategies for overcoming distraction - your brain at work strategies for overcoming distraction regaining focus and working smarter all day long david rock on amazon com free shipping on, home holosync meditation technology brain wave - there s a war going on inside your brain are you winning find out here who you are and everything you experience starts with your brain your, 8 ways to train your brain to learn faster and remember more - training is not just reserved for your body it s also good for your brain here are 8 ways to train your brain to learn faster and remember more, why your brain needs more downtime scientific american - why your brain needs more downtime research on naps meditation nature walks and the habits of exceptional artists and athletes reveals how mental breaks, your brain on politics the cognitive neuroscience of - andrea thanks so much for an incredibly thoughtful and illuminating post you state it just right with all the caveats that i ve also, how creativity works it s all in your imagination npr - how creativity works it s all in your imagination in his new book imagine jonah lehrer explores the art and science of original thinking, how to improve your memory top tips to train your brain - how to improve your memory top tips to train your brain and increase concentration find out the best ways on how to improve memory with our top tips guide, biology4kids com animal systems nervous system - nervous system i m sensing something since you re reading this page we figure you ve got a nervous system if you were an insect you would also have a, your brain at work alison fort - ii iii learn more about the book at www your brain at work com know your brain transform your performance simply put this intriguing book offers, free quizzes for kids and teens test your knowledge - find fun and free quizzes for kids and teens and test your knowledge on games movies celebrities fashion style music and more fun stuff, how to get your dad to stop sending you racist emails - how to break things off with your clingy sex buddy you ve got problems i ve got advice this advice isn t sugar coated in fact it s sugar free, dji will turn off your spark drone if you don t update - chinese manufacturer dji has announced that owners of its spark drone have until september 1st to update their firmware to the latest version or be totally, computer stupidities stupid tech support rinkworks - a friend of mine told me that when he was in junior high school mid to late nineties they got a computer in the classroom free for the students to use, paul graham how to make wealth - 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